Culture, Equity and Inclusion

Culture, Equity and Inclusion

Evolving work practices, changing demographics, globalization and new technologies are changing the landscape of the workplace. At the same time, work is becoming more remote while bringing people from all regions in the world together — encompassing multiple generations and embracing different cultures. People in the workplace are growing more consciously aware of the impacts of social, environmental, economic and systemic injustices on employees, customers and communities.

To succeed in today’s business environment, we must expand our view of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), leading with culture. Evolution in the workplace has a direct impact on corporate culture and inclusive leadership — two of our distinct areas of expertise. By combining these areas within our DEI expertise, we’ve created a new specialty that builds on the diversity platform to encompass Culture, Equity & Inclusion (CEI).

Our Approach

We believe culture, equity and inclusion is about the creation of a shared and common experience rooted in the inherent value of all people. An evolution of our work in diversity, equity and inclusion – a Weber Shandwick Collective practice area for nearly a decade – and in partnership with United Minds, our expanded capability pushes beyond a commitment to improving the experience for employees, consumers and communities today to helping our clients lead in a future that is growing ever more diverse and socially conscious.

CEI brings together a team of DEI practitioners, change management experts, public 

affairs specialists and communicators who sit at the intersection of a powerful, integrated network. Together, our team ensures clients’ stated DEI commitments and investments are more than mere words on a page; they are tangible, visible manifestations of how the organization operates.

Our approach is data-backed, culture-centered and focused on driving meaningful change for employees, customers and communities. A human-centric view that welcomes, values, and enables diverse perspectives to thrive. A view that builds on the platform of diversity to sustain a culture of equity and inclusion in the workplace and innovation in the marketplace.

Where We Can Help You

  • Benchmarking existing culture and DEI programs.
  • Aligning culture and DEI supported with the change management that is critical to achieving goals.
  • Designing new strategies that prioritize impact and global scale. 
  • Managing societal issues and crisis situations that drive business outcomes, recruitment and retention of staff. 

We design bespoke programs that support our clients’ work to increase diversity of thought and representation and build DEI commitments into core business strategies.

What We're Known for

Advancing Culture

  • Evaluation of systems, processes and ways of working
  • Current/future DEI state strategy
  • DEI benchmarking
  • ERG positioning
  • Employee workshops
  • Campaigns and messaging
  • CDO functional design
  • Change management

Addressing Risk

  • Reputation/crisis management
  • Strategic counsel
  • Culture risk assessment
  • Societal issues framework
  • Peer mentoring
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Partner / sponsor audits

Enhancing Brand Power

  • Narrative development
  • Issue advocacy strategy and execution
  • Awards and submissions
  • Media positioning
  • Brand positioning
  • Executive visibility platform development

Highlights of Our Work

Creating An Inclusive, Equitable Culture

We helped a global retail company to galvanize employees around DEI initiatives, engaging strategically and creatively via podcasts, panel discussions, workshops, and employee resource group events.

Building A Diverse Talent Pipeline

We worked with a top global technology company to identify and attract a diverse pipeline of specialized talent to meet aggressive hiring goals.

Establishing and Enabling DEI Leaders

We worked with an insurance agency to stand up a DEI council, partnering to set an actionable DEI strategy to support near, medium and long-term goals.

Assessing A Post-Crisis Culture

We made it possible for a gaming company to measure and improve their culture, identifying and creating solutions to address biased and non-inclusive behavior.

Preparing for Engagement around Societal Issues

We worked with a food and beverage company to identify and plan for burgeoning societal issues important to the company’s customers, employees and shareholders.

Celebrating Progress

We built a reputation for a pharmaceutical company with a mature and award-winning D&I strategy through strategic media engagement designed to earn deserved recognition.

Contact our CEI Group

Emil Hill

Executive Vice President,
CEI, Reputation and Risk

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