Caelan Wommack
Guest Blogger, Age 10
Apr 30

Bring Your Kids to Mars Day

We helped Lockheed Martin bring Mars to the USA Science & Engineering Festival in Washington, DC.

Recently I got to go with my dad to work at the USA Science & Engineering Festival. As part of the day I got to take a bus ride to Mars!

Lockheed Martin had tons of programs for kids my age. Their reasoning was great! They encourage kids to strive in math and science as we could quite possibly be going to Mars. Everything at the festival was great, but the special Mars section was the best.

One thing they had was remote control rovers. It was so cool. But it was hard to steer on Mars! It was fun to see where your rover was going through a computer screen.

I wanted a festival souvenir! Well I got one. A picture on Mars where I made a #spaceface.

Another cool thing was Orion, a spacecraft going to Mars in the future. It was cool to learn about and look at a model. I also got to virtually walk on Mars and it looked like I was really there.

Finally, there was the virtual reality bus trip to Mars. When I looked out the window of this actual school bus it looked and felt like I was on Mars. And I heard the rover saying the temperature and the bus even shook when it was bumpy.

I loved my trip to Mars! It was amazing. I hope I can go for real next time.

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