What to Watch: IMF and World Bank Spring Meetings

Finance ministers, central bank governors and development experts are convening in Washington this week for the annual spring meetings of the World Bank and IMF. This year’s event takes place amid an environment of sluggish economic growth and rising sovereign debt, geopolitical concerns and demand for reforms in both multilateral institutions. Here are what to watch. […]

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Q3 and Beyond: The Global Economic Outlook is Shifting​

At the start of Q3, recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and continued supply chain disruptions have magnified a slowdown in the global economy. The IMF, World Bank and OECD have each recently revised their global outlook to forecast a protracted period of weak growth and elevated inflation. Various risks, including geopolitical tensions, financial stress and stagflation, require global companies to rethink business operations, investments and workforce conditions. […]

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