2024 U.S. Elections: Guidance for Companies

Following last week’s off-year elections, attention in the U.S. is turning toward the 2024 elections, when American voters will elect the president, determine majority control in both chambers of Congress, choose governors in 11 states and decide numerous ballot initiatives on a wide array of state and local issues across the country.

As we know from our “Pulse on America” research, consumers and employees increasingly expect companies and organizations to weigh in on the big issues of the day, and that includes many of the issues that will be decisive in elections up and down the ballot. Businesses must navigate a convergence of highly polarizing issues including the economy, abortion, the Israel-Hamas war, immigration, racial inequities, LGBTQ+ rights and climate – alongside the impacts and consequences created by artificial intelligence, misinformation and disinformation and geopolitical implications.

To help businesses prepare for the heightened political landscape, Powell Tate will be providing regular insights and counsel throughout the 2024 campaigns. To jump start the countdown to Election Day 2024, we’ve prepared the first guidance to inform how businesses consider and prepare for internal and external communications relative to the campaigns and elections. Read it here.

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