Powell Tate is the globally-recognized, premiere, DC-based public affairs unit of The Weber Shandwick Collective.

Our History

Powell Tate was the brainchild of two former White House press secretaries — Jody Powell and Sheila Tate — who believed in the power of collaboration to build successful communications campaigns.

More than 30 years later, collaboration is key to our success. Built for change, we are nimble, data-driven and led by people who understand fast-changing politics, complex policy debates, emerging cultural trends, the role of third party stakeholders and digital transformation. We solve complex business, policy and social issues with bold, creative solutions. We shape opinions and build support for issues that matter. We know what to embrace, what to avoid, and what you didn’t see coming. This is how we drive change and power results.


Data Savvy

From predictive analytics to uncovering trends, to sales enablement – we know how to source and translate data to shape campaigns that deliver impact.


Sector Know-How

We understand the issues and stakeholders across major sectors—notably healthcare, sustainability, energy, and technology – that enable us to shape cutting-edge campaigns.


Legacy of Impact

For over 30 years, Powell Tate has delivered best-in-class creative campaigns that change hearts and minds, and sometimes change the world.

our clients

We’re proud to partner with best-in-class organizations worldwide to drive change and power results through reputation, engagement, and advocacy campaigns.

sanofi bw

“We bring diverse talent and deep experience together to catalyze bold, data-driven communications solutions that help our clients lead in a time of continued uncertainty and transformation.”

PAUL MASSEY, President of Powell Tate

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