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Based in Washington, D.C., our staff has worked at the highest levels of government and politics, from the White House to Capitol Hill, political campaigns, advocacy organizations, corporations, media, law firms, statehouses, and regulatory agencies. We bring not only broad experience but also political diversity to our work.

We Solve at the intersectionS

We join forces with clients to bring critical issues to the forefront of conversations and mobilize audiences where and when it matters most. Powell Tate partners with organizations across sectors — global corporations, advocacy groups, nonprofits and foundations, coalitions, national trade associations, and government agencies.

Whether we’re strategizing reputation or crisis plans, developing grassroots advocacy campaigns focused on high-stakes legislation, or creating social content programs, we pair data-informed recommendations with deep experience to see around corners and help clients thrive.

Our creative campaigns amplify messages and accelerate change across platforms — driving results at the convergence of earned, owned, paid and digital media.

our valueS


In a content-saturated world, everyone is trying to grab attention. But to create deeper impact, you need something more.


Though today it seems harder to find, we believe empathy and respect are the cornerstones of understanding and necessary to create conversation.


Better work is created when a variety of perspectives work together toward the same goal.


It’s more important than ever. No fake news, without truth there’s no trust. Without trust, there’s no audience willing to engage.


Social Impact & Sustainability

Our social impact and sustainability specialists help clients transform and lead with brave, data-informed creative solutions and integrated campaigns for urgent social and environmental challenges. This work is led by a network of 150+ strategists with deep cross-sector expertise in climate policy, purpose, sustainability, ESG, DE&I, social justice, global development, and health issues that span all 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Our healthcare work spans the spectrum from cutting-edge biomedical research to patient’s bedside. We equip clients to communicate around complex issues and develop nuanced campaign platforms to engage on key issues through stakeholder partnerships, thought leadership, coalition building, policymaker engagement, media outreach, and narrative development.


We offer strategic communications programs and critical insights to help organizations navigate today’s ever-evolving energy landscape. From utilities and traditional fuels to renewable energy and emerging technologies, our expertise spans across all issues, creating a market advantage for clients that drive a more sustainable energy future.


We advise our clients on how to strategically position themselves in front of government procurement, activating campaigns to reach and engage key decision-makers. We work with our clients to shape competitions and efforts to secure funding for products, services, and platforms. Our team has a strong understanding of the influences and interactions that shape the decisions of military, Congressional, and Administration officials.


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused both extreme disruption and opportunity as it unfolds across the world. It has created intersecting crises that create new risks for business leaders and acute needs across our communities. We are helping our clients navigate in an unprecedented time.

Structural Inequities

The collision of COVID-19 and racial injustice disparities has accelerated movements and heightened needs within our global communities. Our clients are navigating challenges to designing - and communicating - meaningful action with transparency and speed. We help our clients navigate these sensitive and critical issues in real-time.


We have broad experience across industry sectors such as telecom and mobility, 3D printing, cloud computing, Internet governance, cyber-security and clean tech. We work with emerging innovators and global market leaders. Our award-winning work has helped clients protect their reputation, drive sales, and generate new business leads.


Cyber breaches are occurring with greater frequency and impact to brand. Our cross functional teams work with clients on scenario planning, reputation recovery, and thought leadership. We're engaged in the policy discussions and tracking the latest developments to help clients navigate an ever-changing environment.

Financial Services

We understand how fast-paced public policy challenges can quickly affect corporate and industry reputation. Over the last few decades, we’ve designed and executed communications programs that have impacted the industry’s top legislative and regulatory battles — from credit reporting to auto financing.


We have extensive defense-industry experience and a strong understanding of the influences and interactions that shape decisions on defense programs and funding. Our strong presence and relationships in Washington, D.C. and around the globe help our clients effectively engage in the complex and evolving area of defense contract campaigns.

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