Our Work

our work

We partner with the world’s leading organizations to engage audiences on the most critical issues of our time. From reputation management and issue advocacy to digital strategy and engagement campaigns, explore our award-winning work.

our integrated approach

Strategy & Planning

An inquisitive team of researchers, digital analysts and consultants, we develop and evolve communications campaign strategies. From customer journey mapping to creative brief development, our Strategy and Planning experts fuse rich human insights with business, cultural and political intelligence to drive engagement and change debates.

Data & Analytics

We use advanced modeling and statistical techniques to understand and segment audiences, assess performance and drive strategy. We are a team of data scientists, statisticians and strategists that combine deep industry knowledge and technical expertise to cut through data hype and offer concrete ways to help clients understand how to drive impact through enrollments, sales, advocacy or reputation.


Insight is the difference between breakthrough and flat communications. Our in-house partner, KRC Research, is a full-service market research firm specializing in developing effective communications that reach, engage and persuade.

Creative & Content

Our award-winning creative team of writers, art directors, designers, and producers has a proven record of developing breakthrough ideas for the world’s best-known brands. We shape ideas that influence culture and build business value. We conceptualize work ranging from global marketing campaigns and attention-earning activations to visual identities, with production experts who bring those ideas to life in the form of video, audio, photography, graphics, and more.

Issue Advocacy

We navigate the complex policy and communications landscape to move agendas, mobilize stakeholders, position issues, change attitudes and advance policies. Our campaigns are integrated, adaptable and include the right mix of tactics and channels to achieve impact. And, our team has deep experience across a broad range of issues and industries.

Digital Strategy

Our digital strategists bring an integrated perspective to clients’ challenges, determining the right mix of elements to achieve goals and how social/digital channels can enhance their efforts overall. Awareness and conversion are core to the work we do, and wherever possible, we drive forward with strategies that can deliver both digital and real-world impact.

Media Strategy

Every successful media engagement is the result of careful preparation, impeccable execution and diligent deference to the unwritten rules of communicating with the media. Our team of former journalists and skilled public relations practitioners has extensive experience working with national, international and regional media, as well as the trade press, across print, broadcast and digital media.

Paid & Traditional Media

Our commitment to a fully integrated approach leverages a dedicated, in-house Paid Media team based in Washington, DC. We incorporate leading technologies to supplement communications strategies to further drive client goals in a dynamic environment. Focusing on how to navigate the ever-changing social web to reach and engage with advocates, our capabilities include strategy and planning, execution, measurement and insights.

Crisis Communications

When the stakes are at their highest, our public relations and issue experts are in boardrooms and on the ground alongside our clients. To prepare for these critical moments and to safeguard reputations, we test and refine crisis plans and run crisis simulation exercises that improve readiness and outcomes.

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