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In 2022, Bloomberg Philanthropies held its first-ever Global Mayors Challenge, an innovation competition to support and spread cities’ most ambitious ideas.



With winners spanning 15 cities hailing from 13 nations on 6 continents and collectively representing more than 30 million residents, Bloomberg Philanthropies set out to stage an announcement that was truly global in scale, including in-depth local coverage.

Our Approach

2022our approach

Our global network played an essential role in securing exclusive local media stories on 6 continents, in 9 languages, and in 14 different time zones. Our core team in the U.S. coordinated meetings between the client, each city’s mayor’s office, and local experts.

Our Solution

Our media relations experts proposed securing a global exclusive with the Associated Press. On the ground in each city, we proposed working with mayors to secure an in-depth local exclusive story of the award-winning programs and coordinating interviews with local officials and a spokesperson from Bloomberg Philanthropies.

top-tier news outlets coverage
articles generated
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