Climate Spotlight 2022

As world leaders, CEOs, advocates and policymakers convene for the UN General Assembly, NY Climate Week and several other high-profile convenings this month, our team is tracking key climate trends, policies, events and implications for corporate leaders.

This year’s extreme weather events, food security crisis and energy disruptions demonstrate that climate change is a global problem with impacts on human health, food production and economic growth. There is momentum for both governments and companies to act, but progress is slow and uneven. Two-thirds of global emissions are now produced in developing countries, where funding is insufficient to make the transition to clean energy and where climate competes with development priorities. Moreover, around half of global emissions come from industries – from steel and concrete, to chemicals, agriculture and mining – in which innovation and business solutions remain uncertain.

We created the Climate Spotlight 2022 briefing to provide an overview of recent trends and policy actions and look ahead to global climate diplomacy through the end of this year. Download the report to learn more about:

  • Climate communications considerations and best practice for campaigns.
  • Climate policy developments and what they mean for corporate commitments and disclosures.
  • Climate events to watch and the agenda for global cooperation and action leading up to 2023.

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