Geopolitical Strategy & Risk

Geopolitical Strategy & Risk

Public Diplomacy for Business

The reputation risk for companies doing business across borders and cultures has never been more extreme or fast-paced. Technology-empowered employee, consumer and citizen activists combined with a growing focus on national priorities – whether Brazil Above Everything, Brexit, Make in India, China Standards 2035 or Made in All of America – have thrust business into the frontlines of 21st century geopolitical competition.

As the competition centers on economic, technological and diplomatic superiority – 

battlegrounds that nearly all multinational organizations influence – companies are in the political and public spotlight attempting to navigate it all. Reputation and influence has never been more important to business resilience at the same time it’s never been more at risk.

Powell Tate’s Geopolitical Strategy & Risk Group counsels clients to protect and elevate their reputation and influence, mitigate risk, and capitalize on leadership opportunities in the 21st century geopolitical arena.

What We're Known for

Local Expertise at Global Scale

Our geopolitical and public affairs experts, corporate strategists and crisis counselors are based in the world’s leading political, media and financial capitals, with support from more than 3,000 communications experts in over 115 markets around the world.

Consumer & Employee Insights

As the public, consumers and employees increasingly expect companies to go beyond regulatory compliance, our deep PR heritage in consumer and employee issues uniquely helps clients navigate and engage the key constituencies pressuring CEOs and companies to take a position on international political issues.

Geopolitical Crisis Management

We are ready to provide real-time counsel and rapid response to a live geopolitical crisis or issue, including local and global support across international markets, C-suite and employee communications, multi-market messaging, media engagement, and real-time intelligence and analytics.

Geopolitical Intelligence Reports & Briefings

We provide real-time insights and forecasts on geopolitical issues and events, and the data-driven media and public opinion context around them.

Geopolitical Risk Audits & Scenario Planning

We conduct episodic or regularly occurring assessments of imminent and emerging geopolitical risks to your business and reputation, as well as your organizational readiness to anticipate and mitigate them. And once identified, we work with you to prepare the right contingency plans, protocols and teams in advance of high-risk geopolitical issues.

Public Diplomacy Strategies & Implementation

We design – and execute – strategies that inform, educate and influence stakeholders across multiple markets, cultures and political environments surrounding an international business action or on an ongoing basis to protect and build reputation.

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Michelle S. Giuda

Global Executive Vice President,
Geopolitical Strategy and Risk

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