Leading at the Intersections in 2024: Leading Amid A Changing and Chaotic World

Leading at the Intersections 2024 covers six of the most front-and-center issues that impact businesses across all sectors, including AI, geopolitics and the 2024 elections.

What does leadership in 2024 entail? The equanimity to navigate ongoing disruptions. The ability to balance short- and long-term interests. The courage to champion perspectives aligned to your company’s values. The capacity to anticipate—and the agility to execute in fast-changing contexts.

Easier said than done. Especially with the complexity and magnitude of the issues that leaders and global enterprises face today.

As strategic communications counselors and advisors, we’re focused on helping organizations make sense of the seismic changes and uncertainties around us, bringing together experts to share insights and fast takes on some of the top issues on both the U.S. domestic and global stages.

First launched in 2022, this thought leadership series has become a Powell Tate New Year tradition, where we examine big issues spanning a range of areas, and offer perspectives for the coming year.

This year’s report covers six of the most front-and-center issues that impact businesses across sectors:

  • Sensemaking: From media insecurity to narrative and AI intelligence  
  • Influence: From content creation to influence   
  • Advocacy: From reputation management to authentic advocacy    
  • Geopolitics and Diplomacy: From rising geopolitical tensions to corporate diplomacy   
  • Creativity: From generative AI to what’s next in creativity   
  • Leadership: From employee engagement to empowerment    

Leading at the Intersections 2024 is a playbook for communicators, a source for inspiration and a celebration of the expertise across our agency. Our goal of the report, as Paul Massey, president of Powell Tate, notes is “To engage constructively – and to help clients lead – in the face of such vast and interconnected challenges.” 

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