Sustainability Sensemaking

In the ‘Sustainability Sensemaking’ series, we feature expert commentary on the global trends shaping the climate and environment, social and governance (ESG) agenda surrounding the U.N. Climate Conference. The dialogue at COP27 raised many issues related to how cross-sector collaboration can ensure and fund an efficient, effective and equitable net-zero transition and support communities in preparing for and adapting to climate change. The ‘Sustainability Sensemaking’ series offers perspective on how leaders can advance sustainability priorities that drive near-term performance and long-term impact aligned to collective climate goals. 

The Road to COP27

‘The Road to COP27’ provides context on the key signals to watch for at the U.N. Climate Conference and what the outcomes of COP27 will mean for the net-zero emissions transition and other key climate goals. Read more here.

Corporate Climate Diplomacy

‘Corporate Climate Diplomacy’ shares perspective on the changing dynamics of public-private cooperation on climate issues and the imperative for climate policy leadership across all sectors. Read more here.

The Future of Climate Finance

‘The Future of Climate Finance’ outlines critical climate finance priorities to fund the net-zero transition, support mitigation and adaptation strategies and pay for loss and damage. Read more here.

The Climate Justice Imperative

‘The Future of Climate Finance’ focuses on issues at the intersection of climate change and human rights and why it’s essential to design climate financing and solutions with equity and inclusion in mind. Read more here.

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