The Health of the Industry from the 2023 HLTH Conference

By Jennifer Bryan

Elaborately produced and packed with leaders in the healthcare tech space, this year’s HLTH attracted more than 10,000 participants eager to learn about cutting-edge solutions to today’s leading health concerns. Topics ranged from regulating metabolic health to addressing mental health and wellness, and from implementing a systemic shift to value-based care to leveraging the promise of wearable technology and artificial intelligence. There are many innovations and discussions to be excited about, especially two that stood out most throughout the session:

The healthcare industry is pressing the boundaries of innovation and disruption.

The two prevailing buzzwords during the four-day event were innovation and disruption, and for good reason. The promise of AI infiltrated everything from wearables to medical note taking and record keeping. Conference participants embraced the optimism of using technology to solve systemic issues in providing care.

The rise of the empowered person.

Many companies that presented had the POV that empowering the person before they become a patient is necessary for a broader health and wellness discussion. The conference explored this dynamic with topics ranging from “food as medicine” to glucagon-like peptide 1 drugs (Ozempic and Wegovy); from mental health and wellness to breakthroughs in new treatment modalities (psychedelic medicine); and how to deliver the care through tech innovations and online therapy platforms.

Bryan, Jennifer


Vice President, Healthcare

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