Social Impact & Sustainability

Social Impact & Sustainability

Leading Through Purpose-Driven Work

We are living through times that will fundamentally shift the expectations of brands and business — and communities are turning to business for answers. Today, business leaders must speak out on a growing range of issues. And an organization’s purpose, values and culture are more critical to reputation and stakeholder value than ever before.  

Our corporate strategists challenge clients to meet this moment – and lead. We balance hard data with human insight to build and protect brands from the inside out. We guide C-suite leaders in creating advocacy platforms that transform culture and influence social progress.

We help organizations continuously assess and plan against potential threats and equip internal stakeholders with the appropriate skills, resources and values. Most importantly, we decode disruptive forces to help the C-suite understand and unlock opportunities that drive reputation, resilience and relevance. 

As the pace of change accelerates, we equip organizations to build creativity and sustainability into their business models in ways that mitigate risk and elevate reputation. 

What We're Known for

Sustainability, social impact and ESG consulting

Executive leadership

Public affairs

Crisis & risk management

Geopolitical risk & strategy

Capital markets communications

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Kate Olsen

Executive Vice President,
Social Impact Team Lead

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