Leading at the Intersections in 2024: Leading Amid A Changing and Chaotic World

Powell Tate’s report Leading at the Intersections 2024 covers six of the most front-and-center issues that impact businesses across all sectors, including AI, geopolitics and the 2024 elections. See our perspectives on 2024. […]

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COP28 The Road Ahead on Climate Communications

To help make sense of the potential impacts of this year’s COP, our climate experts have developed the advisory COP28: The Road Ahead on Climate Communications in 2024, drawing on insights from across our global network and from on-the-ground at COP28 to provide views for communicators and CSOs. […]

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Leading at the Intersections 2023

Powell Tate’s report, Leading at the Intersections 2023 provides our clients with actionable insights on some of the biggest issues of the moment, what to be watching for in 2023, as well as some of our best thinking from the past year. […]

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Policy Matters: August Recess Edition

From Inflation Reduction Act, National Gun Safety Legislation, to CHIPS and Science Act, the summer edition of Powell Tate Policy Matters focuses on some of the most high-profile legislation that has passed both chambers in recent months, as well as what’s on deck for Fall after Congress resumes. […]

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Communicating Clearly and Transparently on Climate Solutions

Sustainability terms are oftentimes vague and extremely technical — and using these terms incorrectly or interchangeably can lead to confusion among stakeholders and significant reputational issues for brands. To help reduce risk and provide full transparency to your stakeholders on your environmental progress, communicators should know and understand this vocabulary. […]

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