2024 U.S. Elections: Guidance for Companies

To help businesses prepare for the heightened political landscape, Powell Tate will be providing regular insights and counsel throughout the 2024 campaigns. To jump start the countdown to Election Day 2024, we’ve prepared the first guidance to inform how businesses consider and prepare for internal and external communications relative to the campaigns and elections. […]

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Policy Matters – Campaigns and Congress Heat Up

This edition of Policy Matters takes a look at the politics and policies in play, including around the ongoing government funding negotiations and Speaker election, as well as what remains on the 2023 agenda in D.C. We also round up the latest election news, including the 2024 presidential campaigns, several odd-year elections at the state level and the new Supreme Court term. […]

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Policy Matters: State Policy Round-Up

This edition of Policy Matters looks at some of the biggest, most divisive issues playing out at the state level in 2023. Several states are proving to be “trend-setters” – on the leading edge of certain policies that have captured the attention and energy of the national political parties. The outcomes of the 2023 state legislative session preview some of the issues that will dominate campaigns up and down the ballot in the 2024 elections. […]

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Policy Matters: August Recess Edition

From Inflation Reduction Act, National Gun Safety Legislation, to CHIPS and Science Act, the summer edition of Powell Tate Policy Matters focuses on some of the most high-profile legislation that has passed both chambers in recent months, as well as what’s on deck for Fall after Congress resumes. […]

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